President's Update 




Dear IPLAC Members and Friends,

I know that you are enjoying a wonderful summer. I am honored to have taken the reins from Garret Leach, who led us through a great IPLAC year. Thank you, Garret, for challenging and inspiring us to participate and become more involved in IPLAC activities and events, and thank you to all of our committee leaders, board members and volunteers that planned, hosted, and conducted those activities and events. IPLAC would not be the organization that it is without your efforts and enthusiasm. I sincerely thank IPLAC for entrusting me with this leadership role; it will be a great joy to volunteer with you and carry forward the good work of IPLAC with more valuable and enjoyable networking and educational programs.

In the past handful of months, IPLAC has been fortunate to welcome to Chicago officials from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including Director Michelle Lee, Dr. Christal Sheppard, Director of the Detroit Satellite Office, Commissioner for Trademarks Mary Boney Denison, and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Chief Judge Gerard Rogers. Thank you to all our members and friends that helped introduce and welcome these guests to Chicago.

Moving forward, we aim to continue making more use of the terrific IPLAC website that outgoing Board Member Marc Trachtenberg created and transitioned for us. Please look forward to taking advantage of more of the site’s communication features and to seeing new pages and content. Planning for upcoming events and activities this fall is underway, and we encourage and invite you to sign up for an IPLAC committee to participate in these planning efforts. If there are events or programming that you would like to see IPLAC offer, then please share your ideas by reaching out to me or Paul Korniczky or any board member. We will be glad to have your vision and help this year. In the meantime, if there is anything that I may do to assist you, please contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Alisa Simmons

The Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to IPLAC Membership.  First and foremost, IPLAC provides an unmatched opportunity to network with intellectual property professionals in the Chicago area.  IPLAC also offers intellectual property professionals an opportunity to be an active advocate in the development and protection of intellectual property law.

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What is IPLAC?

IPLAC is the oldest intellectual property law association in the United States, operating since 1884.  It is highly respected by both local and the national judiciary.

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