President's Letter

IPLAC proudly carried on its tradition of honoring the federal judiciary in hosting its 122nd Annual Dinner in Honor of the Federal Judiciary on November 18, 2016.  The Honorable Rebecca R. Pallmeyer was the key note speaker and award recipient of IPLAC's distinguished Judicial Service Award.

Founded in 1884, IPLAC is the country's oldest bar association devoted exclusively to intellectual property matters.  Located in Chicago, IPLAC is a bar association of over 1,000 members with interests in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and the legal issues they present.  Its members include not only attorneys in private and corporate practices before federal bars throughout the United States, as well as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office, but also Members of the Judiciary, Faculty, Patent Agents, Paralegals, and Students.  As part of its central objectives, IPLAC is dedicated to aiding in the development of intellectual property law, especially in the federal courts. Intellectual property cases are dare I say interesting, but often complex undertakings with many moving parts. 

The evening provided an opportunity for IPLAC to thank all of the judges and their court staff for their continued hard work and dedication to Intellectual Property. 

Serena Pruitt

The Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to IPLAC Membership.  First and foremost, IPLAC provides an unmatched opportunity to network with intellectual property professionals in the Chicago area.  IPLAC also offers intellectual property professionals an opportunity to be an active advocate in the development and protection of intellectual property law.

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What is IPLAC?

IPLAC is the oldest intellectual property law association in the United States, operating since 1884.  It is highly respected by both local and the national judiciary.

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