IPLAC Educational Foundation
2017 Scholarship Recipients
Ronald J. LaPorte Memorial Scholarship*

Congratulations to Abisola Olawale, Faith Jones, Erika Anderson, and Emilia Ferme Giralt, IPLAC’s 2017 Scholarship Recipients and Gustavo Martinez, the 2017 Ron LaPorte Scholarship Recipient.







Gustavo Martinez – IPLAC Ronald LaPorte Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Mr. Martinez, a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School, plans to major in civil engineering and has been accepted by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the University of Michigan.  Mr. Martinez notes that: "Determination and dedication were just words to me prior to football but after being a part of a team sport, I learned their true meaning and applied it to school, other sports, and at home…My independence has let me go further beyond my family's expectations and let me become a responsible, athletic, determined scholar who plans to give back to the city that paved the path of success."

Erika Anderson – IPLAC Scholarship Recipient

Erika Anderson plans to major in Chemical Engineering because this field “combines [her] loves of math and science and allows [her] to express those passions in a physical way.” Ms. Anderson hopes to attend Vanderbilt University in the fall.  Ms. Anderson is a graduate of Friedrich W Von Steuben Metropolitan Science High School, where ranked first in her class with a 5.3 grade point average.

Emilia Ferme Giralt – IPLAC Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Ferme Giralt, a graduate of George Westinghouse College Prep., plans to major in Environmental Engineering and hopes to attend Brown University.  Of her interest in her intended major, Ms. Ferme Giralt shares: “I have known for quite some time that I wanted to do engineering and once I did more research about environmental engineering, I got this overwhelming feeling of fulfillment in my heart…While saving the planet is a choice for some, it is a lifestyle for me….Conservation is in my genes.”

Faith Jones – IPLAC Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Jones is a graduate of Lindblom Math & Science Academy. She has been accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering.  Of her interest in her intended major, Ms. Jones shares: “I want to be a Mechanical Engineer because I love physics…Our understanding of the physical world evolves daily.  In studying mechanical engineering I am dedicating myself not only to studying what I love, but also to using that knowledge to help people for years to come.” 






Abisola Olawale – IPLAC Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Olawale is a graduate of Lindblom Math & Science Academy.  Ms. Olawale plans to major in computer science and has been accepted by Stanford University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Of her interest in her intended major, Ms. Olawale says: "Computer Science has led to me wanting to learn more about a topic not because there is a grade or assessment attached to it, but because I have exciting ideas on how I can apply what I learn to the real world."


*The Ronald J. LaPorte Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of IPLAC’s 108th President by his widow, Jill LaPorte. Mr. LaPorte was retired from Kraft Foods. This scholarship will be awarded annually by the IPLAC Educational Foundation in the amount of $5,000.