IPLAC's Creator of the Year Award

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The Creator of the Year Award honors significant creative contributions in one or more of the substantive areas protected by intellectual property law.

Achievements that could form the basis for a nomination include:

  • Patent law: An invention or group of inventions having technological significance and an important social and economic impact, resulting in one or more U.S. patents.

  • Trademark law: A powerful branding program that combines a strong trademark or service mark and a memorable advertising and marketing campaign.

  • Copyright law: An important and original work of authorship, in the literary, musical, visual, dramatic or other arts.

Nominees include individuals and groups of individuals/corporations, and need not be the current owner of the corresponding intellectual property right. Most or all of the creative activity must have occurred in the Chicago area. 

Selections will be made by IPLAC’s Board of Directors upon recommendation of the Creative Achievement Award Comm.

Winner are usually honored at IPLAC’s Annual Meeting. Recent past winners of the IPLAC Creative Achievement Award include: 

2018 Creator Dale N. Gerding M.D.

2017 Creator James McCambridge

2016 Creator John Nix

2015 Creator Lawrence M. Kaplan

2014 Creator Douglas U. Mennie

2013 Creator Gregory B. Olson Sc.D.

2012 Creator Scott Turow

2011 Creator Kraft Foods


Click Nominate Today or here to access the nomination form. Submit nominations: [email protected]