About the IPLAC Educational Foundation

History of the Foundation:

The IPLAC Educational Foundation was founded in 1991 by IPLAC leaders and members interested in encouraging and supporting Chicago Public School students in the study of engineering, science and the law.  Our scholarship recipients are remarkable individuals that have achieved superior academic success, demonstrated a strong sense of community through their extra-curricular activities, and made a commitment to pursue engineering, science or pre-law in college.  Since its founding, the Foundation has provided 78 scholarships totaling more than $360,000 to deserving CPS high school students.

Your monetary support enables the IPLAC Educational Foundation to fund these annual scholarships. Please consider supporting the IPLAC Educational Foundation by making a monetary donation to be used towards funding future scholarships awarded to CPS students.

Foundation Life Fellows:

IPLAC extends its gratitude to its members that have generously supported the Educational Foundation, and especially those recognized as Life Fellows.  Law firms and companies achieve Life Fellow status through making $5,000 or more in total cumulative donations to the Foundation.  Individuals achieve Life Fellow status through making $500 or more in total cumulative donations to the Foundation.

The Foundation acknowledges the following firms and individuals for their significant financial assistance and contributions to the Foundation:

Firm Life Fellows:
Brinks Gilson & Lione

Cook Alex Ltd.
Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd.

Individual Life Fellows:

Robert M. Barrett
Trevor K. Copeland
William H. Frankel
Jomarie Fredericks
James P. Muraff
Janet M. Garetto
Judith L. Grubner
Dolores K. Hanna
Sana Hakim
Julianne Hartzell
Brent A. Hawkins
John J. Held
Jerold A. Jacover
Paul G. Juettner
Linda A. Kuczma
Jill LaPorte
Howard Levin
John K. Lucas
William T. McGrath
Florence E. Miller
Laura Beth Miller
James P. Muraff
Joseph Paquin
Janet A. Pioli
Marc Richards
Mary J. Schnurr
Mary Serrahn
Alisa C. Simmons
Paul Stephens
Robert D. Summers, Jr.
Debbie K. Wright
James Zeller

We encourage and invite more firms, companies and individuals to join these ranks and become Life Fellows and help enable the Foundation to continue its efforts and award even more annual scholarships to deserving CPS students.  For more information, please contact Alisa C. Simmons: [email protected].

IPLAC Educational Foundation Officers and Management Committee Members:
Alisa C. Simmons, President

Matthew Jorge, Vice President
Tanya Miari, Vice President
Paul Juettner, Treasurer
Julie Langdon, Secretary
Jomarie Fredericks, Management Committee Member
Janet Marvel, Management Committee Member
Debbie Wright, Management Committee Member
Laura Beth Miller, President Emeritus