New Benefits for IPLAC members: IPLAC announces new benefits to IPLAC members through our collaborative partnership with the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA).  Through this collaboration:

IPLAC members will have access to AIPLA's CLE On-Demand webinars at the AIPLA-member rate.  AIPLA provides high quality, IP focused CLE and professional development webinars.   AIPLA’s integrated lineup of On-Demand webinars delivers robust, quality content in a fast, convenient format.  Their new, comprehensive on-demand webinar library is searchable by category, type of IP, keywords and date to help you discover the best content for your interests. Also, they’re building new on-demand CLE packages that'll make fulfilling your CLE requirements a breeze!

Please click here or on the image below for a code to use for IPLAC (non-AIPLA) members and instructions on how to sign up for AIPLA’s On-Demand webinars.