IPLAC Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Mission Statement

IPLAC seeks to provide the most value to every member, every day and enhance the field of intellectual property law. To achieve that goal, IPLAC affirms its longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through eliminating bias and enhancing inclusion within all levels of the association, within Chicago’s intellectual property (IP) community at-large, and within the legal profession as a whole. 


We are committed to fostering an environment of fairness and equitable treatment of everyone, regardless of identity. IPLAC will continue to identify, and recruit, and retain diverse members of the IP community. In addition, we will look for ways to reduce or eliminate barriers to under-represented groups and will continue to look for ways to expand access to leadership opportunities within the organization in an effort to further strengthen our diversity.


Diversity encompasses characteristics of individuals and groups that are different from one another, which, as whole, makes the collection of these individuals and groups stronger and more valuable than each individual or group alone. IPLAC embraces this broader vision of diversity that includes, but is not limited to diversity with regard to age, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance, as well as recognizing individuals that associate with multiple identities. Our vision of diversity also includes diversity of ideas, perspectives, and values.


Equity is the fair treatment, access to opportunity, and advancement for all people, while also striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of under-represented groups. Achieving equity can include monitoring organizational practices, and ensuring they consider individual needs, while also rebalancing structures to account for disadvantages faced by under-represented groups. 


Inclusion is the act of creating environments that welcome, respect, support and value the participation of any individual or group. We recognize that while an inclusive group is by definition diverse, a diverse group is not always inclusive. An inclusive and welcoming climate embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions for all people.


Approved by the Board of Directors, May 12, 2021